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Flamingo Coast Book Cover

Flamingo Coast

After Special Agent Jennifer Morton is fired from the IRS, she pursues a fat-cat financial felon that fled to an island with no extradition laws. While off the grid, she discovers a community that shelters some of the most wanted white-collar fugitives in the world. Just as she’s about to expose the entire web, she unearths the truth about her father — who had been presumed dead — and must choose between two very different kind of betrayals.

“Weiss tells us that ‘Spy work is 90 percent boredom and 10 percent terror.’ His novel, however, is 100 percent pulse-pounding excitement.” -BookTrib

Second Son Book Cover

Second Son

Twin brothers Ethan and Jack Stone have built the ultimate transparency app―Stalker―and it’s going to make them rich. But when Ethan’s girlfriend dumps him and his brother bails for their biggest competitor, Ethan is convinced they ran off together. He uses Stalker to find out, tracking them from Silicon Beach to Silicon Valley, and the secret he reveals is even more twisted than he imagined. Between his faith in people and the technology he designed to expose the truth, Ethan is forced to rethink everything he had believed regarding privacy, freedom, and trust.

A poignant and timely novel, The Second Son deftly asks how far is too far when it comes to business, romance, and the intersection of technology in every aspect of our lives.

The Alchemist Agenda Book Cover

The Alchemist Agenda

When Charlie Rocklin recovers a lost Nazi submarine, it sets him on a globetrotting adventure where he uncovers a tempest of international secrets and lies.

Winner of Amazon Studios $20,000.00 Best Screenwriting Award.




Crime Beat Book Cover

Crime Beat

A New York crime reporter, the son of a former Police Commissioner, has to choose between identifying a murderer and unmasking a secret his father meant to take to his grave.

Best Screenplay Finalist at the Austin Film Festival.